Kettlebell Routine for Weight Loss


In a pursuit for body composition results people try all sorts of fitness programs. In my opinion the ones that work are the ones that stand the test of time. Constant studies are still saying a combination of weight training and cardiovascular training is best for body composition results. Romanian Scientist Hala Rambie has proven that weight training with short rest periods roughly 30-60 Seconds gets the best body composition results hence the training he created called German body composition training. Ladder circuits are just that, gradually increasing difficulty with multi joint movements to promote the greatest growth hormone production. Ladder circuits are great because you can just choose your favourite exercises or design a Beginner, intermediate or Advanced circuit based on your needs.  You start by selecting at least 6 exercises and a maximum of 10 in extreme cases. With the right exercise order a ladder circuit can create a huge amount of Growth hormone and enough calorie deficit to get great body composition results. Put them in order of easiest to hardest. (It’s best to write them down somewhere). You start off by completing one exercise followed by a rest, then 2 exercises then rest, then 3 and rest and so on.  The ladder can be done for time or reps.


I have put together a video of an intermediate Ladder because of the Kettlebell snatch that’s involved. If you have seen my latest videos and posts, the snatch requires proper shoulder range of motion so please make sure you are cleared for this exercise first.



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