Troy started Exercising as a teenager at his home in the outer west parts of Sydney. With a sporting background of Soccer and Basketball as a child, Troy found more satisfaction in pushing himself in his individual workouts than the sport itself. When Troy was finally old enough join a gym he took his passion for exercise to another level by experimenting with different equipment and how it could further challenge his body. Swissballs, Kettlebells, bands and cables is where he spent most of his time creating and learning.

Troy started personal training in 2003 after a long passion for fitness since the age of 14. His approach to the industry was instantly labelled as different. Functional exercises were not the common movements done in the gym in those days. Troy further studied the philosophies of his many mentors to create an exercise library of his own that challenged all the movement planes and tailored them to his clientele. Troy has since acquired multiple certifications such as Golf Specialist, Functional Training, shoulder rehabilitation, Crossfit Mobility Trainer, and NBATA Basketball Strength coach among the many others.

The F.A.S.T Program is Troy’s new project and is constantly evolving with the latest research in Strength, Conditioning and Weight Loss.

“It stands for Functional. Athlete. Strength Training. Anyone can become a functional athlete. If you can move correctly in your daily activities without restriction or pain then you are functional athlete in my opinion . From the professional athlete to the stay at home mum, the F.A.S.T system can be applied to anyone looking to improve their performance and body composition. I want to show people something that’s scientific, exciting, challenging and above all gets results fast. I know I have found the answer with my F.A.S.T system because It has not only given myself great results but It has been working for my clients for over the last decade.” – Troy Van Spanje

Troy has played semi- professional basketball from 2004-2012. He has coached and played at nearly every level. Team sport has taught him discipline and what can become of hard work. Troy’s passion now is to be the best person to help others be inspired through exercise and nutrition.

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