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Are You Looking for a Scientifically Proven, Legitimate Way to Lose Weight As Quickly and Easily as Possible?

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From the desk of:
Troy Van Spanje
F.A.S.T ( Functional Athlete Strength Training )

Dear Friend:

  • Does it seem like you’ve tried a dozen different weight loss strategies without ever reaching your goals?
  • Are you concerned that you’ll never find the real answer to losing weight and keeping it off?
  • Are you stick of fad diets and bogus programs which don’t ever actually work?
  • Do you want to look at your best, feel better about yourself, and finally succeed with all of your weight loss and fitness dreams?

My name is Troy Van Spanje, and I’m the owner and founder of the F.A.S.T system, a scientifically proven approach which produces super fast fat loss results.

I always loved staying active and playing sports as a child. I was competitive and naturally found that I had the drive to work hard, and continue pushing myself to reach new heights.

What I found though was that many of my friends and peers didn’t have that on their own. I began to reach out to them and help motivate them, so that they could reach their own goals, too.

I quickly found this transferred excellently into personal training, and I discovered that my true passion and calling in life was to help others. Along the way, I’ve stayed dedicated to myself as well, completing new courses, gaining certifications, and trying the latest and best routines to improve my knowledge and offer you the best possible experience.

I’ve helped hundreds of everyday people just like you lose thousands and thousands of kilos, and now it’s your time.

When you’re sick of fad diets and workout programs which don’t produce results, and big box gyms which don’t care about you and your success, it’s time to get started with my unique, proven system. No matter your age, sex, background or experience level, I’m confident that you’ll enjoy fantastic weight loss results.

Get started with my innovative workout system today, and start reaching your fitness goals immediately.

You’ll look and feel better than ever, and enjoy a fun and challenging exercise program long the way. The only thing you have to lose will be sizes from your clothes, and excess fat from your belly and body.

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  • Lose weight and keep it off forever, and look at your all-time best
  • Tone your buns and thighs, strengthen your abs, lose the love handles and flatten your belly
  • Improve your confidence and self-esteem, and look fantastic in that skimpy swimsuit!


Quick & Effective Fat Loss Workouts You Can Do at Home!

With our at-home F.A.S.T system, you don’t need to sign up for any expensive gym memberships, and you don’t have to waste your money on machinery and gadgets. All you need will be a few simple pieces of equipment and you can complete dozens upon dozens of exercises.

Our workouts are based on the latest scientific research, so that your routines are challenging, streamlined to produce results, innovative, and super-effective. They’re quick, fun and will always keep you and your body guessing and responding.

F.A.S.T Workouts

  • Weekly workouts and instructional videos sent directly to you
  • Scientifically based strategies with the latest proven research for both nutrition & exercise
  • Sample workouts to download and use at anytime
  • Fun and innovative new routines and exercises
  • Delicious recipes for fast fat loss
  • Nutrition guide to help you make smarter decisions
  • Super fast weight loss
  • Programs tailored to people of all fitness levels and backgrounds
  • Ongoing motivation, tips and support
  • 100% satisfaction!


Other Weight Loss Programs

  • Random, unproven exercise plans
  • Same boring and repetitive workouts which take forever
  • Programs don’t apply to real people looking to reach their goals


Online Training program: $30/month (Try Your First Month Free!)


I understand that sometimes it can be challenging to take that first step and try something new, especially when you don’t even know if it will pay dividends. That’s why I want to make the process as easy and risk-free as possible.

With our 100% satisfaction, there’s absolutely nothing to lose. You can get started today and begin losing weight fast.

Here’s my personal GUARANTEE to you!


If you’re not completely satisfied with 6 Week Kettlebell Shred, we’ll provide you with a complete refund. It’s our 100% satisfaction guarantee, with no questions asked. Try the program, stick with it, and if you’re not happy with the results and progress you’re seeing, we’ll refund your money. It’s that simple, and it means that there’s absolutely no risk to get started today.

It’s time to take control and change your life. You can and will succeed with weight loss and fat loss. All you need is the help to get started, and the scientifically proven strategies which will help you torch excess fat, tone up your body, and look absolutely fantastic.

With Fat Loss Workouts, you’ll be on your way in no time at all. There’s no commitment, no gym membership, and no more fad diets or bogus programs.

Utilize fun, fast and innovative workouts, ongoing motivation, and expert nutritional guidance to smash through your barriers and plateaus.

Sign up for our program today and begin losing weight tomorrow. It’s that quick and easy, and anyone who decides to dedicate themselves to improving their bodies will see wonderful results.


Troy Van Spanje,

Fat Loss Workouts

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Online Training program : $30/month