Inpower To The Core


Inpower To The Core: $9.95

Inpower to the core is the top 10 core exercises that create the best results. They are chosen from a criteria of 

1. If it creates a big bang for my buck. Which means it targets all the muscles of the core and in all three movement planes.

2. The functional carry over the exercise has toward everyday life

3. Exercises that train the transverse abdominals which are the deep stabilizers of the spine.

4. A high neuromuscular demand to create better results

5. Can be used as a corrective exercise to improve motor control

6. Exercises that can be done by the average Joe who is at home or has limited time to exercise

7 .And of course to give you Six pack abs.

Inpower to the core also has 3 workouts that specifically targets the core that you can add into your own routine or complete as a workout on its own.